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New 2-Player Starters And Add-Ons Added To Age of Tyrants Kickstarter

2-player starters. They're arguably one of the best ways to get a new player into a game, even more than single-army starter sets. I started my career in minis gaming with a 2-player starter, just like probably millions of you out there. Well, Age of Tyrants has added pledge levels that offer 2-player starter set options for their Kickstarter campaign.

There's a couple different starter sets you can go with, as you can see. Along with that, they've opened it up so you can buy individual stands for your army as an add-on. That way, you can customize your forces a bit more for just what you want to do.

There's still 6 days to get in on the campaign if you want. They're over their funding goal and working through stretch goals now.