New 1:72nd scale releases from Elhiem

Elhiem Figures have added several new 1:72nd scale miniatures to their online store.

From their announcement:

This month I have quite a few new releases for you and with such a mix of subjects there should be something for everyone.

I have not yet painted and photographed the miniatures so if you want to see the preproduction photos you will have to join the Elhiem Forum. Photos will be posted up as soon as we can get them done though.


  • SSE02- SS Man firing G41 auto rifle. (1 fig) .55
  • SS07- Mid War SS Rifle section (8 figs) 4.44
  • SS08- Mid war Sniper team (2 Figs) 1.10
  • SS09- Mid war Panzershrek team (2 figs plus rocket case) 1.20


  • MIKE02 – Early MIKE force command (3 figs) 1.65
  • COPS01 – Modern US Police (3 figs) 1.65
  • COPS02 – Special Investigation Team (2 Figs) 1.10

Pulp Horror:

  • P37 – Hooded Cultists 1 (3 figs) 1.65
  • P38 – Creepy rough stone Altar (1 model) .80

TDSC Zombies:

  • TDSC14 – Female Survivors (2 figs) 1.10