New 15mm WWII tank released by Old Glory

Old Glory have released a 15mm WWII Matilda model.

Matilda I MK I (A11)

From their announcement:

We have just put into production a Matilda I MK I (A11) tank. CD-113A Matilda I MK I (A11)- there are 3 tanks per pack for $22.00.

The Matilda I is an Early War British Infantry tank, not to be confused with the Matilda II Tank. The Matilda I was developed in 1935 and first carried a vickers .303 machine gun and was later replaced with a .50 inch Vickers. With Early WWII becoming popular these tanks will make a great addition to your British Army. This tank is in our Command Decision line.

As always the Old Glory Army discount applies for Old Glory Army members on Command Decision products.