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New 15mm Viking Spearmen available from Baueda

Baueda has a new set of 15mm Viking Spearmen available over in their webshop.

From the release:

Available now!

Code: VIK11
VIK11 - 15mm Viking Spearmen Shieldwall charging

These are specifically designed so that it is possible to arrange them in a compact shieldwall formation with overlapping shields, and as you can see you can easily put up to six on a 40mm base! You can use this to your advantage, if your favorite rules call for spearmen frequently fighting in two 15mm deep bases double ranked in order to receive rear support you can opt to base them on a single double depth base, arranging them in a wedge, arranging them in the famous "Boar's Snout" or "Swine Array" (Svinfylka) attack formation that the shieldwall would take when advancing! This could save you a considerable amount of time and money reducing the need of up to 25% of the figures as well as having a great looking army, but of course if you want to have the "legal" number of figures on the bases there would be plenty of space in the back for adding the extra figures behind the main line. As well as their spears these warriors also have a small axe as a sidearm.
Pack of 8 figures (picked at random from about a dozen different variations)