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New 15mm Thirty Years War flags

Battle Flags have added new 15mm flags of Bohemia and Sweden for the Thirty Years War. flags of Bohemia and Sweden for the Thirty Years War From their announcement:
Following hot on the heels of last weeks 28mm flag releases comes these 15mm flag plates. Each plate represents excellent value containing eighteen flags 15mm flags of the named Army. Enough wargame flags for a complete army. Wallenstein and the Army of Bohemia are represented on the first wargame flag plate and includes the Verdugo and Lobel Regiments. The Swedish 15mm TYW Flag Plate II again has eighteen 15mm flags. Six Swedish TYW Protestant Regiments are detailed, 5 infantry and 1 cavalry. The Regiments include , the Blue (Mercernary) Regiment, Mackay’s Regiment, Von Lebeinstein’s Regiment, Von Bernhard’s Regiment, the Yellow Regiment and finally the Vastgota Cavalry.