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New 15mm Modern Terrain available from Sally 4th

Sally 4th has some new 15mm terrain for you modern-era minis players.


From the release:

This week we have added two new products to our range of 15mm modern buildings. This range has been designed for modern / near future and zombie / post apocalypse style gaming in 15mm scale.

First new product is a set of two single garages. These feature a removable roof and a hinged, opening garage door.

Second is a set of 400mm of brick / stone garden walling. This kit makes three 100mm sections and two 50mm sections of walling. All walling sections feature supporting pillars and one of the 50mm sections includes a wooden doorway. These are useful for a wide range of historical periods as well as for modern gaming.

Both sets are precision laser cut kits, supplied un-painted and requiring pva wood glue for simple assembly and retail at £6.00 each.