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New 15mm Fantasy Warbands from Ral Partha Europe

Ral Partha Europe expands their 15mm Fantasy line with several new warbands available over on their website.

From the announcement:

Just released are the first warbands for our BlightHaven setting. The miniatures are taken from the Demonworld and Empires ranges, and will ultimately grow to include new miniatures and scenic accessories.
BH001 - Orc Marauders (10)
BH002 - Barbarian Warriors (10)
BH003 - Dwarven Warmachine with three crew
BH004 - Beastmen Raiders (10)
BH005 - Dragon Fledgling and Mistress
BH006 - Skeleton Warband (12)

For simplicity, every pack will be priced at £5.00, and contain a warband made up of different miniatures.

Also available are the first accessories, as used in the pictured diorama:
BA001 - Door - £1.75
BA002 - Door with Surround - £2.00

Recent additions to the store also include our first pack of Kev Adam's new 15mm Lizardmen, (as well as a load of his vintage Heartbreaker Goblins and dwarves.)