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New 15mm Dwarf Packs at Splintered Light

Splintered Light Miniatures have added several new packs of 15mm fantasy Dwarves to their online store. Dwarf cavalry From their announcement:
Splintered Light Miniatures is pleased to announce 7 new packs for our dwarf range. These were sculpted by Wiff Waff and will make great additions to any 15mm dwarf army.
  • DWARF07 Dwarf King's Guard (12) $8
  • DWARF08 Dwarf Berserkers (12) $8
  • DWARF09 Dwarf Veterans (12) $8
  • DWARF10 Dwarf Shield Maidens (12) $8
  • DWARF11 Dwarf Rangers (12) $8
  • DWARF12 Cavalry Command on Bears (4) $8
  • DWARF13 Heavy Cavalry on Bears (6) $12
Please note these are true 15's and work well with our other 15/17mm lines and are different than the Bob Olley dwarves in the Splintered Lands range, which are more like 20mm (but also very nice). Also, we are currently offering 20% our entire stock as part of our July sale.