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New 15mm Blue Moon AWI releases

Blue Moon Manufacturing have released new 15/18mm American War of Independence figures.

From their announcement:
Just finished and ready to go are 8 new codes in the 15/18mm AWI range of figures. Available for order now are:

  • 15AMR-07 Continental Light Infantry in Leather Caps with Command (30) $15.00

  • 15AMR-22 British Light Infantry 1768 Warrant (30) $15.00

  • 15AMR-23 British Light Infantry with Command (30) $15.00

  • 15AMR-28 Queens Rangers Infantry with Command (30) $15.00

  • 15AMR-35 Hessian Musketeers with Command (30) $15.00

  • 15AMR-38 Hessian Jaegers with Command (10) $6.00

  • 15AMR-46 British Infantry Firing 1768 Warrant (30) $15.00

  • 15AMR-47 Continental Infantry Firing Regiment Coats (30) $15.00

The 15/18mm Blue Moon list is constantly expanding with more figures arriving all the time so keep watching for announcements as the codes become available.

As always if you are an Old Glory Army member the discount applies to all the Blue Moon products.
These great new sculpts are available on both the and the web sites.