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New 15mm AT Gun Bunker and 28mm Tool Shed available from Miniature Building Authority

Miniature Building Authority has a new 15mm bunker and 28mm tool shed available over in their webshop.


From the release:

We had requests for a larger bunker that could hold a Anti-Tank Gun inside. So we now offer the 15mm AT Gun Bunker. Fits the standard size gun base for that popular game of WWII. As we continue to expand our modern 28mm range we are now offering the MBA Storage Shed or commonly known as a tool shed. This is that sheet metal shed that you find at your local large hardware stores. Great place to put objectives and other fun aspects for games. They come unpainted and figures are not included.

These will go great with our other modern products. Check out all of our Direct line which is only available directly to you at either our website or when you see us at conventions.