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New 15/18mm AWI releases from Blue Moon Manufacturing

Blue Moon Manufacturing have released new packs of figures for their 15/18mm American War of Independence range. American mounted officers From their announcement:
We have just released 7 new AWI codes. These beautiful new sculpts are ready to go.
  • 15AMR-12 American Artillerists (12) $7.00
  • 15AMR-13 American mounted officers (6) $7.00
  • 15AMR-33 British Artillerists (12) $7.00
  • 15AMR-34 British Mounted Officers (6) $7.00
  • 15AMR-36 Hessian Fusiliers w/command (30) $15.00
  • 15AMR-39 Hessian Artillerists (12) $7.00
  • 15AMR-40 Hessian Mounted Officers (6) $7.00
Keep watching as more of our 15/18mm Blue Moon codes become available. You can find these figures on the Blue Moon Manufacturing web site or on the Old Glory Manufacturers direct web site. As always if you are an Old Glory Army Member the 40% discount applies to all Blue Moon Manufacturing products.