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New 15/18mm ACW packs from Blue Moon Manufacturing

Blue Moon Manufacturing have released two new packs of 15/18mm American Civil War figures. Zouaves in Turbans From their announcement:
We have 2 new 15/18mm ACW codes ready to go in our 15/18mm ACW Range. This gives us a total of 43 finished codes in our ACW range.
  • 15ACW-42 Zouaves in Turbans (30) $15.00
  • 15ACW-43 Zouave Command in Turbans (10) $6.00
We have 43 codes finished in our ACW range and below is a look at what is still on the workbench with more to come. The last 6 codes were added due to suggestions sent in to us. There is more to come beyond this list, and we welcome suggestions as to what you would like to see added to our growing American Civil War line.