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New 10mm WWII vehicles from Pendraken

Pendraken Miniatures expands their WWII range of 10mm vehicles with a couple new releases.


From the release:

We've got some nice additions for the WWII fans this month, with additions to the British, Russian, Italian and French ranges! On the armour side we've got BA-10's, Fiat L6's and Char D2's, plus some trucks and ammo carriers to keep them supplied! Some of these weren't previewed on our Forum, so there's hopefully some nice surprises in here for some folk!

BR170 CMP 15CWT truck £3.00

SV73 BA-10 A/C £2.60

ITA23 Fiat L6/40 light tank £2.60

FRE21 Renault AGR 3.5 tonne truck £3.00
FRE22 Char D2 £2.60
FRE23 Lorraine 37L ammunition carrier with fuel trailer £2.60

We hope you like them!