Nevermoor previews the Holy Innocents Guild

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jul 22nd, 2013

Nevermoor gives us a look at another faction for their game with a preview of the Holy Innocents Guild.
Note: nsfw photo in the article.

From the preview:

As I think everyone who visits this site knows, Nevermoor is launching on to Kickstarter (August 1st) with three guilds. These guild are the Plague Doctors, King’s Guard, and Witch Covens all of which are viewable here. However, a fourth guild has been in the works for some time. This guild is still have digital sculpts made and is getting ever closer to having master sculpts made. The only reason wen haven’t pushed them even further forward is a lack of funding. As part of the Kickstarter campaign, your contributions can help bring this fourth guild to life.

I am very happy to present for the first time a sneak peek at the Holy Innocents.

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  • I’ve never heard of the game nor company before, but after looking through it, it seems very stylized in concept, similar to Carnevale from Vesper-on Games, except this game looks to be played on a ‘board’ or mat of some kind.

  • Daniel36

    Hadn’t heard of them before either. The story concept is really cool, the factions sound cool on paper but I am not too enamoured by the models myself. Matter of taste, I suppose. The idea behind it is really cool though…

  • Hmm… Either someone doesn’t know how to properly resize images or the code for the popup slideshow is way off because all the model pictures have the wrong aspect ratio. I found some of the concepts interesting on a whole.