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Nerd-Boys Beware

Pulp City has teamed up with the fellows over at Sluggy Freelance (I remember reading that comic back in the '00s) as part of their Supreme Edition Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

When Pete Abrams contacted us about a cross promotion I admit I geeked out a bit. As a Sluggy fan from way back I knew Pete would just "get" Pulp City. So we discussed how to make things work and this was what we came up with. So if we can end the Kickstarter above $100,000 we will give all our Supreme Level or higher backers a free Grimmbun-bun.

The Grimm are highly susceptible to pop culture influences. When they find something the really love they tend to take on characteristics of that thing. Thus the strange and varied nature of the Grimms. When Grimmbun-bun discovered the web comic Sluggy Freelance he was doomed to wear a bunny suit. We aren't sure what he will become but we could be looking at Pulp City's first Level 1 Powerhouse!