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NeonCon 2011 Vegas Gaming Convention

NeonCon 2011 in Las Vegas has posted up their Warmachine and other gaming events.

From their announcment:

NeonCon is back at the newly renovated Tropicana Hotel in Vegas from Nov 3rd to Nov 6th!
This year marks bigger events for Warmachine and Hordes at the event! Join the Casual play league to rack up some swag, or join one of the
two tournaments for a chance to qualify for the finals! The winner walks away with a complete 35 point Magnus Bad Seeds Tier 4 Theme Force.
That's not the only prize support either, with Battlefoam gear, Hordes hats, paints, dice, and more up for grabs!

Don't miss out on the best reason to visit vegas in years!

You can register for events here.