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Nemisphere 32mm Science Fiction Miniatures - Second Preview: Robot Forces, the Decrypte

Nemishere has a new preview up of their new line of sci-fi miniatures they'll be Kickstarting soon.


From the preview:

The Decrypte
Here are the AI robotic forces known as the Decrypte. Created by a colony offshoot of the human race, the advanced robotic AI eventually became fully sentient and created a body in which it could escape then work to replicate itself, thus creating "self" in kind. Decades after escaping, the sentient AI has now returned to assess and contain the greatest "unstable" threat to its existence, humanity.

Decrypte Monolock
Due to their robotic form and function, Decrypte units are visually diverse. Utilizing a variety of different builds, the Decrypte employ a wide arsenal of walking, hovering and wheeled units. The first Decrypte unit in the Nemisphere Kickstart is the Monolock. The Monolock will be offered with the initial Kickstart, thus is not a stretch goal.

The Monolock is the standard assault unit for the Decrypte. Well built and marginally quick, the Monolock is armed with two light plasma guns attached to its arms. Although the plasma guns are not very strong, it allows the Monolock a higher rate of suppressive fire against its enemies. The Decrypte Monolock comes with four different bodies and four different sets of arms to create 10 miniatures total.

Decrypte Mantis
The first stretch goal unit for the Decrypte is the Mantis. The Mantis is inspired by a large species of bug found on the vegetation rich planet of Argris. Armed with two heavy scythes on its arms, the Decrypte Mantis is capable of ripping into its armored foes with horrifying speed and unnerving mechanical determination.

Aside from the Mantis's close combat prowess it is also a highly mobile unit with very fast movement, capable of moving over light terrain such as heavy brush, small rocks and light debris without penalty. The Decrypte Mantis comes with 4 different bodies and 4 different sets of arms to create ten miniatures total.

Decrypte Hunter Killer Wraith
The next stretch goal is the Decrypt Hunter Killer Wraith. Due to its size and weapon strength, the Wraith is considered a medium support unit. Its Hunter Killer status denotes that it comes from hovering units amongst the Decrypte which are able to skim over light terrain features at no penalty to their movement. The Wraith features a heavy plasma cannon attached to one of its arms and then a reinforced full body arm with clamp style fingers capable of ripping light armor apart.

The Wraith is a larger multi-piece model with a 40mm scale body. Its height is similar to other miniatures due to its floating gravity train. The Decrypte Hunter Killer Wraith comes with 3 different bodies and 3 different sets of arms to create 5 miniatures total. The Wraith's head and body are one piece with a ball joint that glues into its gravity train which also allows for further posing choices.

Decrypte Hunter Killer Sentinel
The last preview for stretch goals is the Decrypte Hunter Killer Sentinel. Hailing from the Hunter Killer divisions within the Decrypte, the Sentinel has a very straightforward form and function. Its central purpose serves as a highly mobile patrol unit for Decrypte controlled domains.

The Sentinel has also been known to serve in direct action combat roles such as a light strike unit, or a highly mobile unit that can harass and flank enemy forces thus bogging them down in combat while other Decrypte units move in to finish them off. The Decrypte Hunter Killer Sentinel comes with one ship design and 5 different flying stands at various heights to create five miniatures total.

Miniature Scale

Below I have created/included a miniature scale chart to show you the sizes of the Nemisphere Miniatures not only in relation to eachother but also anything you may be considering in your collection as well.
Scale Chart.

Miniature Material
The miniatures will be created in spun cast plastic. Solid, will not chip or break when dropped, slightly flexible, glues together solid as a rock with any standard super glue.

Decrypte Monoloch x10 - $30
Decrypte Mantis x10 - $30
Decrypte HK Wraith x5 - $30
Decrypte HK Sentinel x5 - $20

Kickstart Launch
The Kickstart should be launching Tuesday, March 25th, just over a week from now. See you there!

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