Necropolis Guard now available from Crocodile Games

Crocodile Games have released the Necropolis Guard for Wargods of Aegyptus. WGE-327.jpg From their announcement:
It's good news for the forces of the living, bad news for the armies of the dead... the Necropolis Guard are here. The Necropolis Guard are human worshipers of the god Anubis, the guardian of the dead. The are an elite force from the Anubi city of Cynopolis who specialize in fighting the undead... the mummified armies of the Eater of the Dead. The Necropolis Guard wear scale armor corselets of bronze, and heavy helmets of a stylized design suggesting the appearance of their god. Their faces are covered with silken masks soaked in a mixture of exotic spices, to protect their lungs from the sometimes foul air of the tombs they frequent. Because their undead foes are nearly unkillable by normal blades, they wield massive bronze cleavers capable of cutting mummies in half with a single stroke, and dismembering their bodies until they are rendered harmless.
These new miniatures are sculpted by Todd Harris, with concept designs provided by Eric Roof. The Anubis Box (which comes with the Hero) was sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick, and he painted our display models as well. The rules for the Necropolis Guard will be available for free in this month's issue of Croc Tales., around April 15. This month's release includes: WGE-167 Necropolis Guard Hero, with Anubis Box $8.95 WGE-327 Necropolis Guard Unit (10) $35.95 The Necropolis Guard are now available in the Croc Online Store. As for retail stores, the new minis are shipping next week to our Distributors, and should be showing up on store shelves in a couple weeks -- if you normally get your minis from your local store, be sure to have them put a pre-order in for you soon. If your local doesn't carry them, please request them. They'll be available to stores in the USA through Alliance and WarPath Games.