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NecronomiCards Now Available

To me, a truly successful Kickstarter campaign is one that was not only funded, not only delivered to backers, but is then made available to the general public. NecronomiCards is just such a campaign. After a successful Kickstarter (funding in right around 7 hours), and sending pledges out to backers, you can now pick up the game for yourself.


In the game, players are looking to play 7 Summon cards. This is done by collecting Spell cards and using them to match the various symbols that are on them. When you match the symbols, you draw a Summon card. Each Summon card has a powerful ability on it, such as making another player skip a turn, or forcing them to give away their cards, or other such evil tricks. As I mentioned, the first one to successfully summon 7 creatures is the winner.

You can pick up your copy now.