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NecronomiCards Card Game Up On Kickstarter

My mother always told me, "don't mess around with summoning demons, monsters, and creatures from other dimensions." But like Cheech and Chong said, "I don't listen to her 'cause my head is like a sieve."
dah-nah-nah, dah-nah-nah, dah, dah, daaaaahn!
As such, I'd be up for playing NecronomiCards. It's a game where you... well... you use Spell cards to summon demons, monsters, and creatures from other dimensions. It's up on Kickstarter now.

As I mentioned, the goal is to summon creatures using Spell cards. To do this, you must match symbols on a number of different Spell cards. Get enough matches and you can draw a Summon card. Summon cards have all sorts of monster, creatures, evil deities, and such on them. They also have some sort of nasty trick for the other players in store, like making them discard Spell cards, or reverse the turn order, or some other sort of crazy things. The first player to summon 7 things is the winner.

The campaign's already more than 2x funded and counting with still 28 days left to make it through stretch goals.