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NecroMech Dieselpunk RPG Releases Version 1.2 Playtest

These days, the world of the digital and tabletop are blending together more and more. You've got board games that have apps that not only help run them, but are vital to the play experience. Well, Alchimie Inc. is blending technology and umm... non-technology in NecroMech, their upcoming Dieselpunk RPG. They've recently released the latest playtest version that you can get for free to check out.

From the announcement:

Alchimie, Inc. today released the latest playtest 1.2 version of the NecroMech TRPG as an App on both iOS and Android.

Sets the scene for future digital content integration to enhance gameplay and breaking the traditional Tabletop Roleplaying Game (TRPG) “print” business model.

Subscriptions to NecroMech, currently free during playtest, allows players access to both new and updated core content. With commercial release in 2018, a planned $4.99 per month subscription, reduces the barrier to entry to play the game as well as providing continual content without having to make additional purchases, whether they be extensions or the inevitable “next edition” when core rulesets change.

As an App-based digital TRPG, NecroMech, will be able to take advantage of integrated digital content to enhance gameplay. This includes, for example, adventure photos, video, and NPC dialog. “If the GM wants, players will be able to hear diary entries from ODESSA’s Dr. Erich Kruckel in his own words and Robert Hannay’s recruitment pitch to help the SOE in a broad Scottish accent,” says Kirk Johnson, Gameplay Coordinator. “The opportunities to make the whole tabletop experience more immersive are endless.”

The ultimate goal for NecroMech is to become an Augmented TRPG. A TRPG that utilizes technology, while retaining the rolling of dice and use of miniatures, to take immersive, in-person "around the table", gameplay as far as it can go before players have to don their sword and shield and head out into the woods. Among the key components are: (1) a Digital Gameplay Surface for dynamic encounter management and display, use of additional digital assets such as drill-down images/animations of doors and locks, and automatic miniature position recognition. (2) Augmented Reality (AR) glasses that support Heads-Up-Display (HUD) of situationally relevant information, content look-up, as well as cut scene animation of dealing with that pesky opponent. “Both these technologies are on the horizon,” explains John Faltys, Technology Advisor, “and NecroMech will be positioned to take full advantage of what they can offer.”

All to deliver a compelling Dark Fantasy Role-Playing Game in a Post WW2 Alternate History Setting; one in which the world has been irrevocably altered by the “Rip”, a catastrophic event triggered by the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Conjoined with a hellish Otherside our heroes and villains, using newly awakened or graft-stimulated psychic talents, fight for survival and power. For some the creatures released into the Wastes of what was once Japan must be destroyed while for others they are the source of that power...

NecroMech™ delivers:
• More than 300 pages of content and growing.
• A believable alternate history timeline.
• Realism and familiarity tinged with the fantastic.
• Detailed immersive game world.
• Subtlety over brute-force, storytelling vs. combat, and compelling character interaction.
• Agent Carter (1940s/50s tradecraft with strong female characters) meets Cthulhu (horrific otherworldly monsters) meets Push (psychic abilities)!
• Dieselpunk aesthetic with strong fashion elements to reflect a character’s personal style.
• A world on the brink of burgeoning technology development driven by Gemstone Capacitors and Psytomatons.
• 6 Psychically-talented character classes: Qi Master, Energy Adept, Shadow Weaver, Meta Engineer, Reaper, and NecroMech.
• Integrated reputation system.
• New logical, easy to understand, d100/d10 encounter resolution system.
• Character advancement through Action, Practice, and Training, i.e. the APTitude System, rather than traditional “leveling”.
• Separate Assault combat system for large group encounters.
• An immersive Augmented TRPG experience.
As well as supplemental NecroMech novels, and game inspired madameGdesigns™ apparel and accessories.