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Necro Priestess Nephahrya + TGG Kickstarter news from Raging Heroes

Raging Heroes is giving us another preview of their upcoming Kickstarter with the artwork for the Necro Priestess.

From the preview:

Raging Heroes have announced that they have now cleared most administrative hurdles and are moving to the final stage of setting up their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter.

They're also about to launch a super contest on Facebook that will allow you the chance to win a big heap of Raging Heroes miniatures, and in which the more people participate, the larger the grand prize, so get ready to share the love!

In the meantime, they are previewing Necro Priestess Nephahrya. Imbued with great necromantic powers, she ruthlessly lords over necrocyber zombies who serve as bodyguards and cannon fodder for the Iron Empire (their Prussian style army).