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Nebtauy - The Pharaoh Conspiracy on Indiegogo

Nebtauy is a new board game up on Indiegogo that follows the intrigue of Ancient Egypt.


From the campaign:

Based on the Judicial Papyrus from the "Museo Egizio" of Turin (Italy), a new tabletop game is on the run: choose one of the identities from the ancient Egypt and save the Pharaoh from the conspiracy.
You will deal with mystery, dangers and plots while moving upward the social structure of ancient Egypt, and your only weapons will be skills, strengths or economical power and, of course, luck!
This setting is not only based on the Judicial Papyrus, but everything is exactly as it should be, with the very same magic every ancient egyptian used to deal with.
The game can be played both as a concurrent or cooperative, but there is no guarantee that everybody is playing the same game...