Neal at TheWarStore apologizes

Neal Catapano at has sent along this note of apology.

From their announcement:

It has come to my attention that the actions of my employees at the recent Gen Con might have hurt some fellow attendees feelings very deeply, possibly even ruining their entire enjoyment of the Con.

I want to personally assure the hobby community that I fully support all initiatives to end hurt feelings in the hobby at large, and in business in general. So, in order to avoid any confusion in the future, TheWarStore will no longer be selling nor even advertising any products that have competing products in the marketplace, as it far too easily opens the door to hurt feelings.

I would like at this time to issue a humble and sincere public apology for the actions of my employees in this and any future matters of capitalism related emotional distress. And as proof of the sincerity of my apology, TheWarStore will be running a 20% off sale on all SABOL Army Transport products from now until midnight Monday night. As anyone in the hobby knows, SABOL Army Transport and associated products have been the quality and value leader in miniature army storage and transport for nearly 10 years.

To benefit from the sale price simply place your order online and in the checkout screen type the special coupon code ‘Juliet’.
I thank the industry for its continued indulgence and support

Neal Catapano
Grand Pooh Bah