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Neal Adams Guest Box Added to Zombicide Kickstarter

The end is near! ... Really, there's only 3 days left in the Zombicide: Black Plague Kickstarter. But CMON and Guillotine Games aren't just sitting back, resting. Oh no, it's a sprint to the end, as they give it their all, adding even more to the campaign. This time around it's another guest artist box. Also, cards can sometimes get ornery, so there's a little gizmo to keep them all together.

But first, a new stretch goal has been passed. Lady Faye has been added to the survivors list. Seems there's more survivors all the time. The Zombie horde might just need to watch out.

Next, for the quick item, we'll go to the Deck Holders. With stacks of cards around, it can become a bit of a pain to keep them in one spot. These pieces are designed to hold your decks in place and make it easy to flip the cards required for the turn.

Finally, master artist of comic books, Neal Adams takes his spot amongst the esteemed Guest Artists. Many consider Neal the savior of comics, his style bringing them from the brink. He's worked on Batman. He's worked on X-Men. He's worked on Superman. If you are or have been a comics fan, you have Neal to thank for it, more than likely.

Three days to go and the campaign's closing in on $3mil.