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Napoleonic Bundles Galore from Warlord Games

Waterloo. It was 200 years ago. One of the battles that set the course of history after it. I'd like to think you've heard about it by now if you've been paying attention to the site at all, since... yeah, we've had a lot of companies doing things in honor of the anniversary (and rightly so!). Warlord Games had announced some bundles and deals earlier, but now they've gone all-out with even more sets and bundles so you can re-create your own reenactment of the events of 200 years ago.

They've got all kinds of bundles. Some give you free casualties (not everyone is going to make it through the battle). Some give you free terrain (you know, to fight over and create those casualties, or to protect your troops from becoming casualties). Others give you free books, either the Hundred Days Campaign book or the Black Powder book (depending on the exact bundle you go for).

These bundles won't last forever. So better head to the webshop and get yours if you're interested.