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Napoleon Saga: Waterloo Up On Kickstarter

You demanded it, and we're here to deliver (actually, it'd been in the queue already for posting). Napoleon Saga: Waterloo, a new historical board game, is up on Kickstarter. Play out one of the most important battles in Western Civilization and see if maybe this time the French will win. If they don't, I suggest celebrating your victory with a Beef Wellington, literally created to honor the event (we really need to do that sort of thing again).

From the campaign:

You are the Emperor Napoleon or the Duke of Wellington and you will strive to rout the opposing Army by eliminating enemy units and achieving secret objectives. Use your Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery to drive back the first line of your opponent, outflank him to attack his reserve and break his army's morale.

Napoleon Saga is a board game created by Frédéric Romero and illustrated by the talented Giuseppe Rava, a master of Military paintings and Uniforms (illustrations for Osprey publishing, Games Workshop, Italeri and many more European and American companies for an amazing quantity of historical works).

The Kickstarter campaign is really close to funding with still 28 days left to go.