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Napoelon at War rulebook now available

Napoelon at War rulebookMan at War have released their Napoelon at War rulebook. From their announcement:
In Napoleon at War you command your forces, the size of a Division, and try to accomplish your assigned mission in a game played on a gaming table, with an array of magnificently painted miniatures, while a good friend at the other side of the table, tries to thwart your efforts and crush your forces. To play Napoleon at War you will need:
  • First of all, an army, organised according to one of the Campaign Manuals, and made up of a good number of 18mm Napoleon at War miniatures.
  • The rules, all in this book.
  • An adversary, since the game is for two or more players.
  • A battlefield, consisting of a flat surface on which you can place terrain features to represent important terrain features such as woods, villages, hills… of the type that can be found anywhere in Europe.
  • A measuring tape and a good number of dice. Typical six-sided dice or D6s as they are commonly known.
With Napoleon at War you can recreate important battles of the Napoleonic Wars in your own living room. You can command a terrible Division of French Cuirassiers or a firm red line of determined British infantry. Which is your favourite army? In this book, you will find all the rules you need to recreate historic battles in miniature.