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Naga Grand Cruiser design updated

Mongoose Publishing have posted images of an updated sculpt for the Li Halan Naga Grand Cruiser for Noble Armada. From their website:
Lots of bits and pieces going on here at the moment, and it is rather difficult to keep trqack of them all - still, lots of fun! While I work out exactly what needs to be done this week, let me entertain you with the Li Halan Naga Grand Cruiser, recently re-tweaked and redesigned. This ship is the most powerful (yet) in the Li Halan fleet, weighing in between a cruiser and a dreadnought. Bringing a light meson cannon to the party, it also sports turrets with heavy blasters. If that were not enough, enjoy the row upon row of heavy lasers running down its gun decks... With a tough Hull and lots of Damage, together with plenty of Troops, this will be a tough nut to crack!