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Mythwits to host Knighthawk Games and Gamers on Games on February 17th

Mythwits, the "all things geek" webshow, will have the guys from Gamers on Games and Knighthawk games on the program next week.


About the show:

On Monday, February 17th at 9:30pm Mythwits will be hosting Dave Simpson and Matthias Bonnici of Knighthawk Games and Gamers on Games to talk about games and podcasting.
Come listen to them talk about their amazing games: Dragon Chess : Arcane Battles and Rampaging Jotunn! Dave will be discussing Knighthawk Games titles, creative process, and talk about Gamers on Games' production and future.
Knighthawk Games will also be at Double Exposure's Dreamation 2014, details will be divulged about this as well!
Check out what promises to be a fun and informative interview!