Mythreal Posts a Super Dungeon Explore Review

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Nov 17th, 2011

Mythreal Posts a Super Dungeon Explore Review:

From their announcment:

Mythreal review Cool Mini or Not & Soda Pops’ Super Dungeon Explore.

See what they thought of it here…

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  • lordofexcess

    Good review, thank you. For me personally, given my own gaming taste and preference I see little reason to buy into this though (not saying that applies to everyone .. just me). The minis are super cartoony too much so for my taste. The minis and game are a little on the spendy side (all things relative though not more so than many games). With a dungeon crawl board game I like to see some cool minis and tiles that I might be able to use with a standard RPG. I bought into descent, in large part because those minis are useful in a standard D&D game. The heavy card tiles that come with descent are also again … useful in a standard D&D game. This game I guess would be great for younger folks who grew up playing Pokemon and/or folks who are super anime fans and just love the look and feel of these minis. No criticisms there, I fully understand that tastes will differ and that is the beauty of this product I guess … it is catering to a different group of gamers. Bravo on that front, for me though … not my cup of tea.

    • thetang22

      “great for younger folks who grew up playing Pokemon and/or folks who are super anime fans”

      ??? – The style is supposed to appeal to the gamers who grew up playing Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior (Quest), etc… I grew up before Pokemon became popular, so I never got on that bandwagon…and generally speaking, I hate Anime. However, I don’t consider SDE to be anime, so much as chibi…and I think there is a definite difference between the two.

      All that said, I’m very excited for the game. I’ve enjoyed the demo, and painting all my metal minis up to this point. Those comments that you made about Descent’s use in standard rpg’s could very easily be said for SDE as well.

      • odinsgrandson

        To be fair to him, the fact that these minis look so much different from the standard D&D fair is one of the reasons why I ordered a copy. I’m really excited to paint and play with something so different. I might use them in a role playing game sometime, but I probably won’t be mixing them with other 30mm minis very often.

        But I suppose I can see how if someone already has a favorite dungeon crawling game, he’s probably not in the market for another.

    • BoosterX

      200 Words later: You don’t like the figs. Granted but it has nothing to do with Pokemon but rather 8-bit graphics as thetang22 stated.

      It’s refreshing to see a light dungeon crawl that might appeal to non-d20 dice in their pocket carrying crowd.

      • lordofexcess

        Sorry … I forget everyone has popcorn brain and can’t focus beyond a sentence. Also any comment even if not made in a negative light, will automatically be responded to viciously on the internetz …

  • blkdymnd

    Yeah, hard to like the game when you don’t really get what style they’re aiming at. I’m 39, played a ton of Final Fantasy/Dragon Warrior and Gauntlet for good measure. This game will be fantastic!

    • Repeter

      Yeah, I’m the same age and have played the same games and I agree with your whole comment–LoE is often right on the mark with his ‘controversial’ comments, but the Pokemon thing is way off base.

      I am hoping to find this under the tree this year. My brother gave me a “hint, hint” and told me not to buy it myself.

      • lordofexcess

        I get bashed for being to long winded then bashed for not being specific enough?? Huh?? As always people interpret everything so literally I guess it is truly pointless to try to interact with random people on the internet. The pokemon comment was a general comment, yes it could be Zelda, or yes any 8 bit style art … just insert art style going back to the 12th century who cares, the point is … its a specific look that for whatever reason will appeal to some people. My main point was that those DO NOT blend well with MOST other ranges. That was all … I love the idea for this kind of game. I do agree that alternatives to serious RPGs, a nice blend of board game, mini game and rpg … AWESOME idea. But like I said descent is just one example of a game that has minis which will blend in with other ranges and that was the route I went. Cost was an issue as well … on the spendy side for something that is useable only for this one game. If you really want this game and really are going to use it enough then of course its worth the price and then some. Just general comments based on my seeing it a long, long time ago and opting to go another route based on my own preferences.

        • Repeter

          I get you now–these minis won’t mix with other lines at all. As a bit of a proxy-fiend myself, I feel you there. Still, I think the price is pretty swell, from a purely plastic-to-dollars perspective.

          Add in the bonus of my lady actually wanting to play it to, and I’m sold.

  • mythreal

    Didn’t mention Zelda in the review but obviously Zelda is reflected in the visual style a lot.

    Personally I love the style, which I mention in the review, it makes playing the game a pleasure 🙂

  • evilmerlin

    How much replayability is there in the game? I presume it’s from re-arranging the dungeon tiles?

    • blkdymnd

      We’re upping the playability by planning on using the Sewers of Malifaux terrain system with it.

      • Cherno

        Interesting idea. Be sure to post some pictures when you get to it 🙂

        Also, I’m pretty sure Soda Pop Games will have an expansion module coming out shout the initial release show decent sales.

  • Veritas

    In the copy for this story the writer gives top billing to CMoN rather than Soda Pop. I didn’t even know CMoN was formally involved with the game. Soda Pop made the game right? Shouldn’t they be the top billed company?

    • Foolsfolly

      CmoN is handling a lot of the production and distribution logistics for Soda Pop, to the extent that their name is on the box alongside Soda Pop’s

  • Jeremy

    That would explain why there are so many articles about SDE around here lately. Bet we don’t see a link to a negative review. ^_~

    • bj

      Actually we only post news stories submitted through the Submit News Link and Emails from Major companies like, Wyrd, PP, Spartan, GW, and Forge World. CMoN has to submit stores just like anyone else does.

      TGN News Thrall

      • Jeremy

        Sorry, I was hoping the little winky face at the end would show the tongue in my cheek. Keep up the good work.