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Mythos Arcanum up on Kickstarter

Mythos Arcanum is your classical RPG game, but with ethics and morality woven right into the fabric of your playing experience.

Mythos Arcanum


From the campaign:

Created by Joe Aragon, Mythos Arcanum features art from classic artist Darlene, Rowena Aitken, along with artist Laura Siadak. Contributing game writers include author of Conan the role-playing game, Ian Sturrock, Hackmaster writer Tony DiGerolamo and game writer, Uri Kurlianchik.

Based in the world of Rochuron, Mythos Arcanum includes all the iconic fantasy characters including knights, wizards, clerics and thieves.They face off against classic monsters like skeletons, orcs, wraiths and dragons.

Then we take the game to the next level, as your players must deal with moral and ethical dilemmas. Is it right to slay baby monsters? Is looting a castle ethical?Is the law right or moral or both or neither? These philosophical choices directly impact play and the ultimate powers that rule Rochuron. In Mythos Arcanum, your characters aren't just embarking on a quest, but also searching for something deeper inside that may lead to mind-bending, reality-altering powers!