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Mythic Articulations Releases 32mm Skeletal Fauns

Mythic Articulations knows that not just humans have skeletons that could get reanimated. So they've got new Skeletal Fauns available over in their webshop.


From the release:

Mythic Articulations has recently released a set of five skeletal fauns (satyrs), equipped with a mixture hunting bows and pan flutes, suitable for use in any undead 28-32mm fantasy army.

Mythic Articulations typically makes larger display models of “anatomically correct” cryptids – mythical creatures that do not exist in nature. From their website:

“Mythic Articulations was created in late 2013 with one goal in mind ? to create what nature won't. More specifically, to create the skeletons and skulls of mythical creatures and cryptids. We offer a growing variety of replica osteological specimens of animals that you just can't get anywhere else, because they don't exist (or haven't been proven to exist). Be it the elusive Bare-Fronted Hoodwink, the mighty Wolpertinger, or something else that you might have actually heard of, we'll do our best to make it real. We use state of the art 3D Printing techniques to create each replica. “

Pieces are individually printed to order.

Sculptor Brian Richardson has scaled down and slightly redesigned his original six inch faun model to produce this set, which will look outstanding skirmishing in front of any skeleton army.