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Mystical Throne Entertainment Licenses Dark Streets for Five Points New York Setting

Mystical Throne Entertainment wants to have their Cakebread and eat it, too... Or at least, they want to have their Cakebread & Walton. They've teamed up together to bring you the Dark Streets game and develop it as a setting guide for 1850s Five Points, New York. This is a step away from Savage Worlds and the Entropic Gaming System, wherein Dark Street's Lovecraftian setting is pulled into the slums of Five Points. The area has somewhat the same feel as 1750's London, but with a whole new angle on it.

Talking about the partnership, Aaron Huss, President of Mythical Throne said, “I’ve been a fan of Peter Cakebread and Ken Walton since Clockwork & Chivalry was released for RuneQuest II. I’m also a fan of the Gangs of New York movie and the Copper series on BBC America. I’ve always wanted to do a Five Points setting, but never really had the ‘right’ system to do it in without creating my own. When I first got my hands on Dark Streets, I knew it was perfect for a Five Points book!”

The game is being made via a limited license along with the OGL.