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Mysterium: Hidden Signs Available Tomorrow

Just when you thought you'd figured out the murder at Warwick Manor, new information has come to light. Of course, seeing as you're talking with ghosts, it's not that the information is very direct. Signs, visions, feelings have to be interpreted. A frog in a tutu sitting on a bed. A swordfish jumping out of a bowl of tomato soup while a trio of figures watch from the desert sidelines. You know, the usual stuff when you're a psychic communicating with the dead. Mysterium: Hidden Signs takes you back to Warwick Manor in this new expansion for Mysterium, available tomorrow.


This set will expand your games, adding in over 75 new cards. There's 42 new visions for you to experience, 12 characters, 12 locations for you to explore, and 12 object cards to interact with. And as I mentioned above, the set will be available tomorrow at retailers near you.