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Myling Games launches Privateers board game Kickstarter

Myling Games has set sail and launched their Kickstarter for Privateers, their new pirate themed board game.



From the campaign:

Thank you for stopping by and supporting Privateers! - your help will allow this incredible game to become a reality! So much love and passion have gone into this project that it deserves to be released.

Privateers! is a cooperative / team / solo pirate adventure board game on an alternate Earth overrun by monsters, magic, Atlantean relics, aliens, demons and cultists of the Old Gods. Players control privateer captains with ship and crew. They fight each other, or the game with its great fleets and numerous supernatural allies. Captains battle the enemy navies, fight imfamous pirates, explore old ruins, raid settlements, trade and generally have a good time in the port cities of the New World. The better ship, crew and equipment they get, the more powerful they become, but sooner or later they will have to face the best the enemy can muster!