website is live

The website is now open for business.

From their announcement: is live. Come check out and sign up on the forums. Start making this community HUGE.
MBR is a forum that covers four different table top games and soon to be many more. Come join and talk about your favorite Tabletop Game.

MBR is unique from other tabletop websites because of its large layout for several different games. No more forums where you talk about one game or even one army. This forum will be dedicated to ALL games. One login, Multiple games.

The other major difference is the MBR Banner Creator. The Banner Creator was created to keep track of your army’s records online. After you make an army, you can start recording your battles. The Banner Creator creates a banner for you and gives you an image link that you can copy and paste into ANY forum signature on ANY forum-based website. It will then automatically update on every website you put it on.

Come check it out for yourself and start keeping track of your armies today.