My Battle Report update MBR Banner Creator has updated their MBR Banner Creator and expanded their forums.

From their announcement: has updated the MBR Banner creator and made it more Streamlined.

The Banner Creator helps players like you keep track of your army’s wins, losses and ties online, viewable on any computer.

MBR has updated the Banner Creator and made it smoother to do this. Now, almost all of your content is on one page. New programming which allows you to create your armies and battles more smoothly than ever before.

MyBattleReport has expanded it’s “Other Games” section to include: AE WWII, Anima Tactics, AT 43, BattleTech, Firestorm Armada,Flames of War, Heavy Gear Blitz, Infinity, Malifaux, MERCS, Pulp City, Uncharted Seas and the Warmaster series.

You can join those communities and make them strong. The stronger and more popular they are, the quicker they get their own superforums. Join us today and start recording history.