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Mutinner Miniatures new releases

Mutineer Miniatureshas released new models from their Indian Mutiny Range.

From their announcement:

First I would like to apologise to all our customers affected by our hacked website and those who have missed our products for the time we were down.

We are pleased to annouce we are fully back and running after our website was taken down. The damage to the site resulted in a complete new website having to be rebuilt and all the content restored we could not use any of the old data, which was a real pain.

However that is all behind us now we have new software a new dedicated server and a much more sophisticated web hosting service.

We have not stood still on the figure front and we have three new releases now available on the website.

EIC16 British Generals

MUT08 Indian Leaders

EIC17 Lucknow/Cawnpore defenders

The 28mm resin kashmir gate in now nearing completion the gate will feature in 3 parts and is a lovely piece, we estimate full production in about 4 weeks.

see below for more info on our 28mm and 20mm figure ranges, with information on future releases.The next batch of figures will be our British Firing line followed by Ghazi warriors, Indian irregular horse, and Bundalee matchlockmen. The Mutiny range is nearly finished allowing Mike to move onto the 1860 Opium wars and the Taiping rebellion.
20mm Figures

Since our last news latter we have released A mortar team. MAF08 and a civilian mob MAF07, Photographs will be complete this weekend for all the African range.

We will release the next batch of modern 20mm figures in time for Warfare (reading). This new range will be the islamic militia, and a set of technical mounted weapons and crews.

We have also produced the plans for the next range which will be bush wars consisting of SADF, Angola and SWA, UNITA, SWAPO.

We would like to thank all those customers who supported us through this very trying period.