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Mutineer news and shipping update

Mutineer Miniatures have posted an updating including a price increase and changes to their shipping charges.

From their website:
Hello to all our customers, things have been moving along fine at mutineer miniatures.  new releases, tournaments, FOW stock, painting service.
I have been promised the first  Flag sheet  to be available for Salute.  Simon at Solway has done a super job on them.
We have the Mutineer Forum  up and running it's a great way to post info on your projects and to see what we have been up to.
We will attend many shows this year the next being Salute, we are taking pre-orders with a special discount for Salute and all other shows.  We will offer 10% discount for all show pre-orders from now on.
We have decided to produce our own set of colonial rules, this is very much a work in progress and it will be next year before we release them, however we do need playtesters that would be interested in trying them out.  If you would like to be considered please contact us.

See the info on the latest releases which seems to get bigger not less every time we list them up.  .
More good news we have reduced our postage costs to zero yes zero for all orders over £15 to UK and Europe including flames of war. (excluding resin buildings)
Now the bad news the metal price has increased over 60% since we started the range so a price rise is a must to keep us going, however we hope that is offset against the postage costs we have reduced.  We will increase prices from 1st June by a few %
We have updated the website so please delete all your old links and favourites and use this new one, This site has much more features we aim to develop soon.