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Mutineer Miniatures releases and update

Mutineer Miniatures have posted details on their current releases as well as news of some upcoming Indian Mutiny figures they will be releasing. Bengal Light Cavalry (turban) From their announcement:
New Releases Naval Brigade Command Bengal Native Artillery crew Bengal Irregular Cavalry lancers Bengal Light Cavalry (turban)
Mutineer Forum Join our Forum and join in the debate on Mutineer figures, new releases painting guides, and big games or tournaments Future Releases We have an extensive casting and sculpting plan, see below. Next releases
  • Bengal light cavalry command turban
  • Gurkhas + Command
  • Light company Sepoys
The remaining production plan
  • Light dragoons sword
  • light dragoons carbines
  • 9th lancers
  • Pack of British regulation dress firing line
  • Sepoy Firing line
  • British in airpipe helmet + command
  • Indian Irregular Horse
  • 7th bengal irregular cavalry in hussar busby +command
  • 1st Bengal irregular cavalry in steel cap
  • British generals
  • Mutineer leaders Rani of Jhansi
  • Ghazi fanatics
  • badmashes
  • 60th Rifles short jacket and havelock
  • Civilians defenders of cawnpore/Lucknow
  • Irregular levy infantry
  • Hyderabad lancers + command
  • Volunteer Horse
  • 71st Highlanders
  • Sappers and miners
This is the complete range we will plan do do throughout the year your support is appreciated. This is a huge investment but we believe to do the period justice alll these troop types need to be included. I will be running some surveys to gauge thoughts for some new figure ranges, scales and period to be confirmed.