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Mutineer announce 20mm African Wars range

Mutineer Miniatures have announced the first figures in a 20mm modern African range of miniatures. African Wars From their announcement:
We are very pleased to announce the start of a modern 20mm range off figures. The period will be 1960 to present day Africa.  The figure plan below is well underway and you will see this range hit the website very quickly.   Christian militia types 8 fig AK 8 fig RPG Command pack with medic engineer leaders boy warriors AK some boy warriors RPG Support weapons These figures could be used as West side boys, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Congo or any other conflict based on militia troops.
Islamic militia types 8 fig AK 8 fig RPG Command pack with medic engineer leaders Support weapons These figures can be used for any Islamic militia in Africa Government regular army regulars in beret mix of weapons support and characters Angola /Rhodesia/Mozambique we believe many of our other generic stuff will suit, we are making all the weapons at the moment G3, FN, SLR, GPMG, R5 for the following South african defence force Rhodesian forces special forces for above Greys scouts SWA militia and police etc SWAPO FNLA Joshua Nkomo Sudan Janjaweed regulars SPLA Many of our previous stuff will be suitable for most african types once we have done these some ideas mad mitch in Aden, I hope you enjoy these as much as we have designing them we take delivery of the first packs this week and we need to get them on the web at the week end. the 16 boy figures (inc fairy wings) are sculpted, along with LMG MG and sniper, also in the pile are 12.7 DSHK and recoilless rifles and other heavy weapons which can be mounted in Technicals jeeps etc