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Mutant Chronicles Venusian Apocalypse Now Available

The Year of New Editions just just hold for games, but also the material that goes with them. Modiphius has released the Venusian Apocalypse campaign for Mutant Chronicles, with an updated and expanded version of the original adventure. Howso expanded? Well, you get the original three chapters (updated for 3rd edition), as well as a fourth, concluding chapter to the adventure.

Supposedly, there are 7 seals hidden throughout the solar system. One has been found, and it nearly doomed all of humanity. So why someone would want to go find another is beyond me. But such a thing has happened out on Venus. This has unleashed a new Taint upon the planet. It's up to your character to see what they can do to stop the spread of evil and make sure Venus is left as much intact as possible.