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Mutant Chronicles: Brotherhood Sourcebook Now Available

In most of the RPGs I've been in, unless you're the party's cleric, there's little consolation made to a characters' religion. Sure, we'll put down what god or goddess we follow on our character sheet. But for the most part, it's not really that important a thing. Well, Modiphius is looking to change that for Mutant Chronicles players. Their new sourcebook, The Brotherhood brings religion to the forefront.

The Brotherhood

The book, as you'd expect, covers the Brotherhood, a group that started back during the Dark Symmetry era up to the present day. Learn a bit about the enigmatic Cardinal, whose followers rival, in numbers, the people that work for the various megacorporations. Learn the secrets of the Art, the powers of the Light, and about the people who wield such power. There's also expanded background information and character options to create one who is part of the Brotherhood and follows the teachings of the Cardinal.

You can pick up your copy now.