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Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition For Savage Worlds Now Available

The Year of New Editions comes up with another. This time it's the 3rd Edition of Mutant Chronicles by Modiphius, formatted to be used with the Savage Worlds game system. So if you like the setting for the game, but not the way the rules work in their original format, perhaps give this version a spin and see how you like it. All of the conversions have already been done for you.

Savage Worlds Chronicles

The book (available in pdf only at the moment) has everything you need to play. There's full rules for character creation, including the Lifepath Edge mechanic. There's all sorts of equipment and powers. There's even extra custom rules to make the game more gritty. Think you have everything you possibly can for Mutant Chronicles? Well, this book has never-before-seen info about the universe. You also get a full background for the game, including the various corporations and how they run their various planets that they inhabit.