Musketeer partners with Gripping Beast

Musketeer Miniatures have announced that Gripping Beast will handle production, management and mail order for Musketeer’s range of figures.

From their website:

Over the past year Musketeer Miniatures has been growing to a point where it became too much for one man to run on his own. My sculpting time was reduced to almost nil due to coping with the day to day running of the business. Despite how busy it got it wasn’t earning enough to employ someone else full time to help me out. Ah! The joys of self employment lol!

So from today onwards the production, mail order and general running of Musketeer will be taken over by my top chums Darren and Andy from Gripping Beast. All orders will still go through this website for now, but any enquiries or phone orders will be dealt with by Gripping Beast.

The upshot of this is I will at last be able to sculpt full time once more and get ranges finished that have been hanging round for far too long (we all know what I’m talking about lol!) New exciting ranges are planned for the future as well as some individual projects that we think you might like.

Mike will be removing the forum on the 3rd as I didn’t get on it much, but this will be replaced by a new blog that will keep you updated as to what we have on the go on a regular basis. Almost like the good old days before life got really busy 🙂

My last show as Musketeer will be at Claymore on the 7th August but I will still be attending most shows in the future on the Gripping Beast stand so pop by and say hello