Musketeer Miniatures update

Musketeer Miniatures have posted an update on their status as well as word on some upcoming releases.

From their website:

Just back from my first holiday in 23 years. So sorry for not putting anything up saying I was away for a few weeks, completely slipped my mind Doh! As a result I have lots of emails to get through from you all wanting to know whats happened to your orders. I’ll be working flat out all next week to get them all shipped out to you all. Again sorry for the lack thought on my part 🙁

On a lighter note I have the latest sculpts from Mr Hicks ready to zoom off to the mould maker next week, which include Royal Mail Rocket team and Militia HMG crews for the VBCW and British Cavalry for the WW1 BEF. Also due for release are the Goth Archers. Photos posted once I’ve sorted the mail order out