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Murawski Miniatures goes to the Poles

Murawski Miniatures has new Polish infantry minis as part of their line set for 1809-1814.


From the release:

Murawski Miniatures manufacturers a range of 28mm Poles for the period 1809-1814. They have been sculpted by Paul Hicks to our design notes, and now includes:

Grand Duchy of Warsaw infantry in full and campaign dress – over 40 different figures
Uhlans in pre and post 1810 uniform – 19 different figures (these come with separate arms allowing many poses to be created)
Krakus – 5 figures
Command – 5 figures
Foot artillery – 8 figures, 3 guns
Vistula legion – 40 different figures

The latest release is of the Vistula Legion in gaiters. They consist of:

Grenadiers in Czapka
Grenadiers / Voltiguers in shako