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Munchkin Holiday Grab Box Up On Kickstarter

Steve Jackson Games' Munchkin has been around for quite some time. In all those years, it's gotten quite a lot of expansions, alternate sets, special add-ons, and all those great custom dice. Well, for this holiday season, Steve Jackson has put together Holiday Grab Boxes just filled with all manner of things. They've got a Kickstarter campaign running where you can order them.

From the campaign:

When we launched the Munchkin Special Delivery earlier this year, we made an error and underestimated demand for the box. After we launched the box on Warehouse 23, it sold out in five hours and left us searching for a way to get more boxes into the hands of Munchkin players.

Thanks to your support on Kickstarter, we shipped out over 800 more loaded Munchkin Special Delivery boxes. We were happy, you were happy, and it didn't take long for the requests for another box to flood our mailboxes and social media channels.

We are delighted to announce the Munchkin Holiday Grab Box, a pack of Munchkin goodies that is our answer to your demands for more. And to make things a bit more fun, we are also producing an exclusive Munchkin bookmark for the box . . . and we're even offering two different box sizes!

And both boxes come with the Twelve Bonuses of Christmas printed on the box!

We'll also throw in lots of promos and random Munchkin dice!

There's only 5 days left to get in on the action, if you're interested.