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Munchkin Hipsters Now Available

I've been wearing glasses since grade school. I've had a beard since high school. I liked gaming back in the 90s. I've occasionally been accused of being a hipster, though thankfully not very often. I just happen to like obscure things that most people don't know all that much about and I'm too lazy to shave every day. And my eyesight is terrible. Whether you're an actual hipster or not, you might be interested in Munchkin Hipsters.

This double-sized booster pack of 30 cards is available through ThinkGeek. With the usual bit of Munchkin whimsy added in, and art by the impossibly awesome John Kovalic, Munchkin Hipsters lets you take on new monsters like The Man while wearing a Knit Cap and drinking a Nonfat Soy No-Whip Skinny Half-Caf Fair Trade Ventitré Mocha Latte... like, actually in the game. Not just what you might actually be doing right now.